Neal’s Ceremony

Cornelius “Neal” Townsend accepted his scholarship from Sullivan University, provided by Warrior Battalion through our scholarship program, in front of a room FULL of people at Sullivan University in Louisville, KY on May 23.  Neal submitted his application for the scholarship on Warrior Battalion’s website and was selected by the Warrior Battalion board of directors as the recipient of the full tuition paid associate degree. 

There were no shortages of tears, laughter, and smiles as the host of about 30 well-wishers comprised of family, friends, and colleagues took time from their day to show their support and share in the joyful moment. 

” Thank you for making my dream possible,” says Neal.

Among those present was Neal’s mother, Felecia, several best friends, cousins, aunts, professors, mentors, supervisors, Sullivan University staff, and members of Warrior Battalion’s board of directors.

Mason Sullivan, VP of Business and Community Engagement for Sullivan University, accompanied Josh Daugherty, Executive Director of Warrior Battalion, to present the scholarship to Neal.  

“It’s not often you get to be a part of something this special or that in only an hour of meeting someone for the first time that you can have such an astounding sense that this young man is going to continue to do great things.  Every person I spoke to had been inspired by Neal and were ecstatic to learn he had been selected to receive the scholarship.  There’s no doubt Neal is deserving of the scholarship or that he will continue to inspire people wherever his paths take him,” said Josh Daugherty.

“Neal accepted his scholarship with the perfect amount of pride and humility.  He’s truly deserving of this gift generated from the partnership of both Sullivan University and Warrior Battalion,” said Rob Cooley who is a member of Warrior Battalion’s board of directors.

Warrior Battalion would like to thank Sullivan University for hosting a wonderful event and for providing the scholarship.  We encourage all Veteran’s and their immediate family members to apply for future scholarships on our website

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