Matt’s Incredible Bravery

Every month, we choose a recipient to donate $1000 to. Finding the words to express the incredible bravery of our recipient this month is no easy task, but let us explain the best we can.

Matthew Hinkle has a 3 year old daughter, and he’s a single dad. Just last October, Matt found out that he has leukemia. Matt has a very small support circle, inclusive of only a few friends who can help out with this extremely hard journey. He’s in the process of getting his VA benefits increased, but he needs some extra help.

“You don’t know how much this means to me and the timing for this couldn’t be better”, he said when we notified him that he was May’s recipient. Pride almost kept him from applying.

Matt served for the Army National Guard 11b Infantry for 8 years. He was deployed to Iraq twice during that time.

We thank you for your service.

Being a single parent is never an easy task. Fighting the battle against leukemia requires courage. Finding the bravery to ask for help when doing all this alone can be even harder. Thank you for being brave for yourself and your daughter, Matt.

We sent Matt the info to resources such as our VA benefits partner, our battle buddy program, and connections to therapy if he chooses to make use of those outlets we offer. If you or anyone you know needs assistance please reach out to us here.

Please Donate to help us continue to give to our brave warriors like Matthew.

If you’re interested in helping Matt and his daughter contact us and we will get you in touch.

Thank you to our supporters that help made this happen for May and Matt.

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