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Indiana Survivor Outreach Services Goes There To Show Us How To Go On

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“Our flag does not move because of the wind, but because of the last breaths of the soldiers who gave their lives to raise it,” Author Unknown.

To those who have suffered loss, we grieve with you. We honor your sacrifice and thank you for giving us a gift that can never be repaid.

In Indiana, at the National Guard, there lies an organization who assists those who have lost a life of a loved one. They are called Indiana Survivor Outreach Services. This organization is a non-profit that is government funded to assist survivors who have lost loved ones. They host events, share resources for families, individuals, and kids and they provide services for those who are suffering.

The Indiana National Guard’s Survivor Outreach Services program is a holistic, multi-agency approach to delivering support to Survivors by providing these services at garrisons and communities closest to where Survivor families live. Survivor Outreach Services mission is to build a unified program which embraces and reassures Survivors that they are continually linked to the Army Family for as long as they desire. The goal is to outreach to every known Survivor to ensure they know that they are not alone, and their loved ones are not forgotten. They provide long term support by connecting families to grief and financial counseling services, linking Survivors to other Survivors through events, assisting with federal and state benefits as needed and so much more. While Survivor Outreach Services is an Army program, they provide support to Survivors from other branches as well when the need is known. They currently have Coordinators in all 54 States and Territories providing support to thousands of Survivors.

Warrior Battalion has joined with Indiana Survivor Outreach Services to remember those who we have lost and honor those who have survived that loss. We will be joining to celebrate life at an outdoor event at our President’s location. JC and his wife CeeCee have with huge hearts opened their land, amongst their home, to host an event where we will have activities such as shooting, swimming, and music. There will also be food and family fun! We are looking forward to taking the time to rejoice in today with this great organization.

Would you be interested in helping? We are looking for volunteers for the event. Sign up here.

We need sponsors! If you or an organization you might know of would be generous enough to sponsor food, activities, or any other aspect of the event, please contact us here.

We will release more information as it is available, as of right now look for the event to occur next month and keep in touch with us here to register.

Looking for a cool t-shirt to wear to the event? Visit our store.

Want to donate to our organization? Donate here.

Find out more about Indiana Survivor Outreach services on their facebook or website.

Thank you for your sacrifice.

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