Unexpected Obstacles

Our June Recipient Tells His Story

Daniel’s sister had passed away and he had to travel across state lines to pay for a funeral. It was a lot more than he expected. He took off time from work to grieve this unexpected loss, but very shortly after, his other sister passed away. Still stumbling from the previous loss, and unexpected expenses, Daniel had to have surgery. Daniel’s VA benefits covered daily expenses, but not unexpected life events such as this.

Daniel is the father of 3 children, they are 12 ,5, and 4 years old. Daniel is 34 years old. Him and his lovely wife do the very best they can to make ends meet, but sometimes as we all know life throws pitfalls that take down our efforts and leave us wanting for more. Daniel reached out to us for our June Financial Assistance Donation. Daniel is a marine veteran with deployments to Iraq. Daniel is doing everything he can to take care of himself and his family, so we wanted to help him out as much as we could.

Daniel and his family have no working AC right now and he says he will be using the funds to help replace the unit in their home. It is currently a humid 88 degrees where we are, and with Summer, it will continue to rise. Daniel says, “Warrior Battalion really helped my family and I in my time of need.”

Thank you for your service to our country Daniel.

If you would like to help give to our warriors in need, please donate here.

If you are interested in applying for assistance, please apply here.

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Thank you to all who have donated, you have helped a family in need and we will continue to honor your support by helping more veterans like Daniel.

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