Resilience In The Loss of Limb

The Story of our July Recipient

Some aren’t the type to ask for help, some are the type to always give help. Anto is an infantry combat veteran who saw the dust of war in Afghanistan. He always volunteered to be at the front on patrols, despite the danger to himself. After he returned from war, he decided to use his skills to help military men learn how to fight in defense during training. Anto had an accident that led to him having his leg amputated below the knee. For over a year Anto fought to keep his limb, and during that year he was not able to work. He is a veteran on disability, but the expenses associated with losing a limb and the requirements of changes to his home to allow him to be able to function alone are high cost items on his list.

Known for giving help and not receiving it, Anto set to helping his buddies get their full disability income while recovering from his accident. Never idle he continuosly researches ways to heal his body and seeks grants and income to aid him in the process of rehabbing his house to suit his new needs. Anto’s friends pushed him to apply for our donation and he says, ” Use it for someone else who needs it more”. But, eventually, he was driven to apply. Our organization received the application from Anto for help with this rehabilitation project. We talked to people who know him and without hesitancy we granted him our monthly donation of $1000.00 to go towards these remodeling expenses.

” Thank you, and thank you to the board and those who have donated”, Anto said when receiving the funds.

Resilience in the eye of disaster is a trait you can’t teach, it is indeed a character trait, often found along with ultimate stubborness. It is also prevalent in our veteran community. At Warrior Battalion we want to remind our Warriors, asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak. ” Ask for help, not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong.”, Les Brown.

This month we want to issue a special shout out to the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs for the grant for Kentucky Veterans that we received to continue to give out financial monthly assistance! Without your generous grant we would not be able to provide people like Anto with the assistance they need.

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