A book inspired by our founder, Troy Yocum

Warrior Battalion through contacts from our office, was able to stumble upon Stubblefield. The author who wrote SCARS. We are honored to know that she wrote such an exciting and romantic story inspired by our founder, Troy Yocum. This book touches on some of the feelings that returning veterans face, with a little romance mixed in. Stubblefield’s married to a veteran herself. Our admin met with them for lunch to discuss this book.

The admin said “The romance in the book is most likely inspired by the electric attraction and comfortable sparks that radiate from the couple themselves.” Their love story is not ours to tell, but these are great people. They offered to support the non-profit with this partnership to give special access to the supporters of Warrior Battalion to be able to purchase an autographed version of the book that includes a special insert explaining the connection of the literature to our founder, Troy.

We are excited to now offer this book for sale in our store, here:

Proceeds from sales go to support our mission to empower veterans to live productive lives by increasing access to resources and opportunities that aid to improve the quality of life for them and their families.

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Thank you to this author and to all of our supporters that continue to support our veteran community!

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