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How We Helped Noah During His Delay

Noah is a National Guard Soldier who entered school to be a Flight Warrant Officer in January. In February, he started to feel bad. He began coughing and thought nothing of it. He was in training with a bunch of other people from all over the place, that type of environment tended to bring illness. He carried on until he realized he was just not feeling well enough physically to accomplish the tasks that he was supposed to. He was tested for COVID, and that came back negative. His health continued to decline and he kept seeing doctor after doctor, none of them had a diagnosis.

He just feels horrible and has no energy, which is unusual for a man of his age. Noah has had to put his life on hold to just get through his doctor visits and tests. He has been unable to hold a position and has been living off of savings and meager income from the military. During our meeting today, Noah was sitting in his broken down vehicle waiting for family to come get him.

Noah talked about the impact that the financial assistance has on his life right now, “This money will allow me to be able to pay off my bills and have money left for the next two to three months while the doctors continue to run tests. I am so thankful for Warrior Battalion and this has been the best news I have had in months.”

Noah was referred to us by a National Guard Soldier & Family Readiness Representative. He has also been referred out to a chaplain and behavioral health specialist. When the Guard Representative reached out to us we immediately took action to see how we could help. Upon hearing Noah’s story, our board unamimously agreed upon awarding Noah with our donation this month.

Noah’s grandfather served and Noah is following in those footsteps. As a family member of a veteran, Noah knows the responsibility and work that is required for his respected position and he is doing all that he can to fulfill that duty. He just needed a little help right now during life’s unexpected delays.

We know that sometimes life delays our destination, that sometimes we are still on our journey, but we have to make a stop or two that is unexpected. Those unexpected stops can be the difference of having the funds to buy food, or a place to live, and we want to be able to step in when we can and make the ride a little smoother for our warriors. Our mission is to serve, so that we can help our service members have quality lives, read more about our mission here.

To help us continue to award these donations to people like Noah and our past donors, please donate now. You will make a difference in someone’s life.

If you would like more information on how you can help, reach out to volunteer. We always need people to help, from admin work to events.

Stay in Touch with us to learn more about ways we serve and how you can get involved.

Thank you to Kentucky Veteran’s Fund, To Our Business Partners, and Our Donors, We couldn’t do this without you!

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