Business Partners

Sullivan University partners with Warrior Battalion to offer scholarships to veterans and their families. The scholarship is awarded once a year, please find out more about our scholarship here.

REE Medical, is passionate about taking care of Veterans and is dedicated to ensuring that each Veteran they work with receives the disability examination that they deserve. Their number one priority is delivering quality service. Their entire staff is highly trained and fully dedicated to serving those who served.

Shirt Branding Partnerships now available!! Host a corporate-wide shirt contest, sell to employees or customers. Get your name and logo added to our stylish 2023 OATH shirt, and not only provide tax-deductible donations, but provide great merchandise for events, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day! We are partnering now, so fill out the form below or contact us to see how we can work together to support our mission of empowering veterans to live productive lives by increasing access to resources and opportunities that aid to improve the quality of life for them and their families.

We are seeking partnerships! If you would like to become a business partner or a resource for Warrior Battalion, please contact us at the form below.

Business Partners are advertised on our Facebook, Newsletter, Website, and Blog regularly. We also host special events and offer discounts to our veterans through our partnerships. We are all working together for one mission and purpose to support our veterans and their families.

Thank you to those who support us and our warriors!