Camping Retreats

Warrior Battalion hosts hundreds of military family members at several Camping Experiences each year with volunteer Team leaders!

The military families enjoy a day of activities depending on locations including boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, and much more. Warrior Battalion combines resilience training with speakers and special guests and finishes the night with campfire stories and live music.

The ultimate purpose of the Warrior Battalion Camping Experiences are to reduce veteran suicide and assist military families by:

• Establishing camaraderie within the teams and participants to cope with post-traumatic stress (anger, depression, loneliness, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies). Uniting veterans, families and supporters to care for each other in times of need.

• Training Team Leaders how to interact with suicidal veterans and the steps to assist them. Each team leader receives a three-year certificate as a peer mentor.

• Developing participants at the events into peer mentors and ambassadors who support struggling families and/or veterans.

Upcoming Events: 

There are no upcoming events.