How to find help for Veterans

So how do you find help for veterans?

There are many organizations offering services for veterans, military families and civilian supporters but often it’s hard to navigate programs online. Warrior Battalion, a 501c3 charity solves this issue by connecting services in one easy to find map system. The Warrior Battalion Map includes services, discounts, and connections to Peer Mentors to all eras of veterans, active duty, national guard, reserves and their family members.

What are Peer Mentors:

Peer Mentors are volunteers who get trained by Warrior Battalion and the QPR Institute to work with veterans who need talk. The Peer Mentors act a a first response team to connect the veterans with Warrior Battalion programs and local partnerships.

What do Business partners offer to veterans?

Warrior Battalion partners with many businesses offering discounts and givebacks for services and products. Veterans and military families. Military can also connect with chambers who further expand the connections to events, tourism and more business partners.

Any military personnel and family members can check out the map on Warrior Battalion’s website here:

About Warrior Battalion:

Warrior Battalion is an IRS approved 501c3 Charity assisting Military Families in an effort to End Veteran Suicide. The Mission of Warrior Battalion is to fight the battle against post traumatic stress and support U.S. military service members and their families through healing programs to end veteran suicide. Warrior Battalion’s vision is to end veteran suicide.

Contact Warrior Battalion at: or 502-504-3330

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