Meet Our Board

JC Cheshire – President
I joined Warrior Battalion because Troy was a friend of mine. I believed in his mission to help other Veterans and to end Veteran Suicide. I take all suicide seriously and want to help anyone thinking about doing it, and help them get out of the rut they may be in that makes them want to take their own life. I love humanity as a whole and hope to help end suffering and the struggles Veterans face when transitioning back into civilian life. The struggles I have faced when trying to work in these environments of civilian life are unlike our experience in the service and can become overwhelming especially after returning from war with PTSD. That is just a small example of many struggles that Veterans may be facing, but just one of the many things that drive me to be a part of this great organization and something bigger than myself.

Rhett Perdue – Treasurer

I enjoy spending time with my family and especially my eight-month-old granddaughter. Additionally, I like going and volunteering at church in Shepherdsville and I enjoy watching NFL football and being in fantasy football leagues.

I respect veterans of all branches of service I want to be able to help our veterans find and get all the benefits they are entitled to, educate them about Veterans Affairs programs, and be able to help veterans who are struggling with the complexities of life.

Kentucky Air National Guard 28 years.
USAF Veteran Active Guard & Reserve 19 years.
Currently a Contacting Specialist with HR Solutions at Ft. Knox for ZantechIT

Josh Daugherty – Board Member & Executive Director

My name is Josh Daugherty. I’m a retired Army Infantry Officer. I spent over 20 years serving in the Kentucky National Guard and am a veteran of the Iraq war (2003-2005, 2011-2012). Currently I am a Federal Civilian employee at Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, KY where I also live. I volunteer with Warrior Battalion because I am passionate about improving the quality of life for all our military veterans and especially concerned at the rate our veterans are taking their own lives. It is my belief that veterans helping veterans is the most significant way to win this fight against suicide. #neverstopserving

Rob Cooley – Board Member

I joined the Navy in 1993 as a Naval Hospital Corpsman spending 9 years on Active Duty. Three of these years were spent at 1st Marine Division, 1st Light Armored Recon as a Marine-Regulation Corpsman; meaning I chose to follow all Marine Corps standards and regulations to include grooming, physical fitness, and the wear of USMC uniforms. After a deployment to the Middle East and fulfillment of my first contract I was trained as a Physical Therapy Assistant and stationed at Naval Base Ventura County where I decided to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree. My second enlistment ended approximately a year after 9/11 and I decided to sever ties with the military. A few short years is all it took and I found my purpose again, joining the Kentucky Army National Guard in pursuit of becoming a Commissioned Officer through their Traditional Officer Candidate School (OCS). I have been commissioned since 2008, and have served as a Military Police Officer, a Resilience Coordinator, an Army Career Counselor, and finally in my current capacity as a Public Affairs Officer. Currently, I have over 26 years of service and continue to serve with no current plans of slowing down. I have 4 beautiful kids, 1 who serves next to me in the KYARNG and 2 others who plan to when they’re of age. I was a close personal friend of Troy Yocum for over a decade and I believe heavily in his vision to end the epidemic that is veteran suicide. I have 2 overseas deployments and many activations for local and national disasters which include being called up to manage all COVID Operations for the state of Kentucky during the pandemic.

Mark Slaughter- Board Member

I am a retired Army Chaplain. I started my military career in the United States Marine Corps tanker leaving as a Sergeant in 2000. I joined the National Guard and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant after completing Officer Candidate School serving as an Armor Officer until I was accepted into Seminary. I was then Commissioned as a Chaplain and deployed with the Army National Guard. During my military career I have been able to see the world. I will retired with 25 years of total time in service. As a Chaplain I worked with service members and their families during some very difficult times. That is when I met Troy. His vision and hard work helping anyone who wore the uniform and their families was an inspiration to me. Continuing his mission is vital, it is a great honor to help carry on his legacy with the great members of Warrior Battalion.

Katie Berghausen – Board Member

I am a dedicated Major in the Army Reserves with a service record spanning over 11 years. During most of my tenure, I served as an Operating Room nurse, showcasing my expertise and commitment to patient care. I served a tour in Afghanistan with a Forward Surgical Team, where I performed critical life-saving surgeries under challenging conditions. My military experience revealed the pressing need to combat the stigma surrounding mental health. This realization ignited my passion for creating change in this sphere. Now based in Louisville, KY, I operate a group mental health private practice as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. My focus extends beyond my professional responsibilities – I am dedicated to eradicating the stigma associated with mental health, with a special emphasis on the veteran community. As a proud member of Warrior Battalion, I feel that I am an integral part of the mission aimed at continuing Troy’s legacy by addressing the critical issue of veteran suicide. Drawing from my extensive military background, medical expertise, and fervent advocacy for mental health, I aspire to bring about positive transformation to the lives of veterans and their families.