Peer Mentors

Veterans, Military Families and Civilians who care… Warrior Battalion Needs you! Register to Get Certified to be placed on our National Network of Peer Mentors

Registration cost $5 a month and includes an online suicide prevention college level class to become certified. The monthly donation pays for insurance to cover each Peer Mentor, the training class and listing on our national network.

Peer Mentors are added to the Warrior Battalion online map to provide assistance to deserving veterans and military families .

What is the Peer Mentor Program?

Veterans, service members and military families reach out to Warrior Battalion seeking assistance to talk to Peer Mentors who understands their experiences.

By registering, Peer Mentors must be willing to take phone calls, emails and visit with deserving veterans and military families in your area who may need assistance. Peer Mentors report the meeting to Warrior Battalion so we can continue care and show the impact of the program.

If you want to help veterans and military families in your local area, this is the program for you.