• Unexpected Obstacles

    Unexpected Obstacles

    Our June Recipient Tells His Story Daniel’s sister had passed away and he had to travel across state lines to pay for a funeral. It was a lot more than he expected. He took off time from work to grieve this unexpected loss, but very shortly after, his other sister passed away. Still stumbling fromContinue… Read more

  • Surviving Being the Survivor

    Indiana Survivor Outreach Services Goes There To Show Us How To Go On “Our flag does not move because of the wind, but because of the last breaths of the soldiers who gave their lives to raise it,” Author Unknown. To those who have suffered loss, we grieve with you. We honor your sacrifice andContinue… Read more

  • Matt’s Incredible Bravery

    Every month, we choose a recipient to donate $1000 to. Finding the words to express the incredible bravery of our recipient this month is no easy task, but let us explain the best we can. Matthew Hinkle has a 3 year old daughter, and he’s a single dad. Just last October, Matt found out thatContinue… Read more

  • Neal’s Ceremony

    Cornelius “Neal” Townsend accepted his scholarship from Sullivan University, provided by Warrior Battalion through our scholarship program, in front of a room FULL of people at Sullivan University in Louisville, KY on May 23.  Neal submitted his application for the scholarship on Warrior Battalion’s website and was selected by the Warrior Battalion board of directorsContinue… Read more

  • Take A Historical Tour With Us!

    Oxmoor Manor in Louisville, Kentucky In Louisville, Ky, amongst the malls, suburbia, and bustling east end traffic is a beautiful home laying on acres of bountiful farm land. This manor owned by the Bullitt Family, yes the family that Bullitt County, Kentucky is named after, was established in 1787. The home is fully furnished withContinue… Read more

  • Cornealius’ Story

    I would like to tell you about Cornealius. He is an amazing young man. We received his application for a scholarship through our Sullivan University Scholarship program. So, to best explain why we granted him our scholarship for this year, I am going to let you read what he wrote to our board. “When itContinue… Read more