• How You Helped Michael

    Every month our board labors over entries with not only their mind, but their heart as they try to make the extremely tough decision of who to help with our $1000 monthly donation. Unfortunately, we are not able to give to everyone who applies. This month the story that really touched our hearts was Michaels.Continue… Read more

  • It’s For The Kids

    Toys, music, and food! Sounds like a party, right? It was. We attended the event for children of veterans, military, and first responders this past Sunday in Jeffersontown. We brought with us toys, coloring books, balloons, cupcakes, and suckers. We were honored to get to participate in this event. As a non-profit, we struggle withContinue… Read more

  • Good Grief

    It’s hard to imagine being sad as a good thing. None of us want to cry. Often, we see tears as weakness. Many of us have good reason to grieve, but we don’t have the time to do it. We may have lost a loved one, we may have been diagnosed with a life alteringContinue… Read more

  • The Benefits of the Ruck

    How does Ruck Marching Help Veterans? As a veteran, you are aware of the benefits of a Ruck March. You have tread through the mud , sack filled with weight many times. But to our civilians and donors, we want to express the benefits of these Ruck Marches and how they help our veterans andContinue… Read more

  • Warrior Battalion Household Donation

    Shawn and Bobbie Sue Bowling, of Clarksville Indiana, received a generous donation of household goods from Warrior Battalion on February 16, 2023. “You can’t imagine what this means to me and my wife, we’ve worked hard over the years trying to save enough money to have nicer furniture and our own washer and dryer, andContinue… Read more