National Volunteer Opportunities with Warrior Battalion

Join our Communications Volunteer Group

Warrior Battalion is needing volunteers who can work from home and send emails and make phone calls to help grow our programs. Communication volunteers receive training and guidance from Warrior battalion leadership to focus on recruitment of program partners.

Volunteer as a Peer Mentor

Veterans, service members and military families reach out to Warrior Battalion seeking assistance to talk to volunteer Peer Mentors who understands their experiences.

By registering for $5 a month, Peer Mentors must be willing to take phone calls, emails and visit with deserving veterans and military families in your area who may need assistance.

Volunteer as a Warrior Battalion Community Ambassador

Warrior Battalion Community Ambassadors can register for $10 a Month to receive a shirt and periodic material upgrades to help share the charity and spread the programs to military families across communities. This is different than Ambassador Athletes who participate in fitness events and purchase a one time shirt package. Warrior Battalion Community Ambassadors can participate in video conferences with Warrior Battalion to receive more training. Warrior Battalion also provides insurance coverage for Ambassadors.

Volunteer as an Ambassador Athlete for Warrior Battalion

Anyone can be an Ambassador Athlete and register for $50 to receive a shirt package and an online fundraising page to help Warrior Battalion! Ambassador Athletes participate at fitness events across the nation and represent Warrior Battalion with the Ambassador Package. Warrior Battalion also provides insurance coverage for Ambassadors.

  • 5ks, Mini marathons, marathons, Obstacle course event
  • biathlons, triathlons
  • Crossfit, Gym or fitness events and competitions
  • and more…

Volunteer As a Team Leader to Host Healing Events

Volunteer Team Leaders are needed to host healing events that help veterans and their families in your local area. Volunteers can be veterans, military families, civilian supporters, gym owners or fitness trainers.

Team Leaders are trained by Warrior Battalion leadership and are able earn essential gear for events.

Volunteers are needed for ruck marches, workout events, competitions, distance events and unique events.