Future homes near developed destinations where military families get free vacations that are partnered with tourism, programs and support from locals.

Warrior Battalion is developing vacation homes for military families that will act as satellite retreats across the nation! The Warrior Battalion Retreat Homes Program is the first in America designed by military families to help military families heal! The retreat homes will be open to military families free of charge and will have designated “healing areas” for solitude while partnering with numerous local tourism activities.

Warrior Battalion Retreat Homes will be developed in:
• Locations in areas of large veteran populations.
• Locations near parks, lakes, mountains, outdoor activity centers, recreational areas, vacation hot spots, amusement parks.
• Locations that have property management services for cleaning, booking, repairs. • Locations with Town/city services for food, fuel and necessities.
• Locations with businesses or chambers to partner with for discounts and program activities.
• Locations with handicap accessibility.
• Locations with physical healing amenities; hot tubs and saunas, gyms, massage rooms.
• Locations with family bonding opportunities: games including indoor and outdoor, in-house library with military or healing books selected, home theatre for movies and tv, internet capabilities.

The ultimate purpose of the Warrior Battalion Retreat Homes is to reduce veteran suicide and assist military families by:

• Providing a serene location that reduces stress and builds family bonds where families can stay for free.

• Offering outdoor activities targeted towards relaxation and connecting nature with the military families.

• Offering resources to military families that connect them with assistance throughout the community.