Warrior Battalion WOD

20 veterans a day commit suicide, the Warrior Battalion WOD is for those who want to make a difference. 

One of Warrior Battalion’s most popular events, the Warrior Battalion WOD is hosted at gyms and CrossFit boxes across the country. Partner gyms/boxes raise donations and raise awareness on behalf of Warrior Battalion to help further their mission of helping end veteran suicide.

Each partner-gym/box creates their own WOD (Workout of the Day) with 22 exercises and 22 reps of each. At minute 22 into the WOD, teams take a 2 minute moment of silence for those who have passed in the veteran suicide epidemic. All of this, in honor of the highest the veteran suicide rate has ever been: 22.

The primary purpose of the Warrior Battalion WOD is to reduce veteran suicide by:

  • Establishing camaraderie to cope with post traumatic stress (anger, depression, loneliness, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies). Uniting veterans, families and supporters to care for each other in times of need.
  • Training Team Leaders (gym owners, trainers and coaches) how to interact with suicidal veterans and the steps to assist them.
  • Developing a Peer Mentor and Ambassador community of veterans, military families and civilians who support struggling families and/or veterans.
  • Physically and mentally challenging military familiesto get fit while making long-lasting relationships.
  • Getting military families to join the gym to build upon fitness and reductions in stress and obesity.

Upcoming Events: 

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