Zer-O Course

Join us for Zer-O Course, the craziest challenge course event for the charity Warrior Battalion!

Zer-O Course is an event with a purpose coordinated by volunteer Team Leaders and committees for Warrior Battalion with unique challenges. These events have various challenges on their routes. Check with the upcoming events to see which challenges await you in your local area!

Participants who raise $100 or more for Warrior Battalion will receive a patch and can earn more fundraising incentives by helping Warrior Battalion. 

The ultimate purpose of the Zer-0 Course is to reduce veteran suicide and assist military families by:

• Establishing camaraderie within the teams to cope with post-traumatic stress (anger, depression, loneliness, substance abuse and suicidal tendencies). Uniting veterans, families and supporters to care for each other in times of need.

• Training Team Leaders how to interact with suicidal veterans and the steps to assist them. Each team leader receives a three-year certificate as a peer mentor.

• Developing participants at the events into peer mentors and ambassadors who support struggling families and/or veterans.

• Physically and mentally challenging the teams of participants and leaders to finish long miles in an effort to raise awareness about veteran suicide while building upon fitness.

Volunteer Team Leader can host Zer-0 Course events by registered for training. 

Upcoming Events: 

There are no upcoming events.