The Benefits of the Ruck

How does Ruck Marching Help Veterans?

As a veteran, you are aware of the benefits of a Ruck March. You have tread through the mud , sack filled with weight many times. But to our civilians and donors, we want to express the benefits of these Ruck Marches and how they help our veterans and those who serve not only physically, but mentally. So, veterans feel free to skip this one.

What are the physical benefits of Ruck Marching? Ruck marches actually are not only cardio, since they are weighted. Individuals carry rucksacks that are weighted with memorabilia of memories of those who have served, pieces of the past for those who are remembering something that impacted them during services, or are purposely weighted with actual weights to help the marcher feel the intensity of the weight of the burden they now carry in their hearts and minds. These weights build muscle. So, not only are you getting a good hefty march (walk) in, you are also carrying the weight of sometimes the world on your back with you.

Why do people put themselves through that? You probably wonder why these wonderful warriors choose to do this when they don’t have to. They aren’t in service any longer and no one is making them do this march. They are voluntarily doing this physically draining activity. It’s a mental thing in most cases. Ruck Marches use symbolism to help the marcher feel that they are moving an immovable force of burden to them. Those with PTSD can feel that weight with them physically which is a sensory comfort to having to just carry around a diagnosis that they can’t physically move or change. This helps alleviate a bit of that weight from their minds and can increase levels of “feel good” chemicals in their brain. Marching just like other exercise releases the same endorphins that cause us to feel just a little bit better for a while.

Other reasons you Ruck? To show solidarity and unity to a cause. Those who march with Warrior Battalion at our upcoming Memorial Ruck March, date to be determined, will show their support for our mission and show remembrance to our Founder, Troy Yocum. Troy was planning on hiking an extreme amount of miles to bring awareness to veteran suicide, but he never got to do what he wanted to do, because he passed away from COVID complications.

We will march to remember Troy and to be able to support veterans nationwide in our mission to empower veterans to live productive lives by increasing access to resources and opportunities that aid to improve the quality of life for them and their families.

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