• Helping The Helpers

    Helping The Helpers

    Sometimes We All Need A Little Help Kyle is an army veteran who always seemed to be the one who helped others when they needed it. However, recently he had some health issues due to an injury while on COVID orders and he had to have his knee replaced. While recovering and rehabbing the replacementContinue… Read more

  • Without Answers

    Without Answers

    How We Helped Noah During His Delay Noah is a National Guard Soldier who entered school to be a Flight Warrant Officer in January. In February, he started to feel bad. He began coughing and thought nothing of it. He was in training with a bunch of other people from all over the place, thatContinue… Read more



    A book inspired by our founder, Troy Yocum Warrior Battalion through contacts from our office, was able to stumble upon Stubblefield. The author who wrote SCARS. We are honored to know that she wrote such an exciting and romantic story inspired by our founder, Troy Yocum. This book touches on some of the feelings thatContinue… Read more

  • Resilience In The Loss of Limb

    Resilience In The Loss of Limb

    The Story of our July Recipient Some aren’t the type to ask for help, some are the type to always give help. Anto is an infantry combat veteran who saw the dust of war in Afghanistan. He always volunteered to be at the front on patrols, despite the danger to himself. After he returned fromContinue… Read more

  • Bright Spring’s OAT²H

    Bright Spring’s OAT²H

    Warrior Battalion Teams with Louisville-Based BrightSpring Health Services Two Louisville-native organizations, Warrior Battalion and BrightSpring Health Services, are teaming up for the second time in two years to advocate for military service members across the country. On July 25, 2023, BrightSpring President and CEO, Jon Rousseau announced that BrightSpring has adopted the goal of hiringContinue… Read more

  • REE Medical

    REE Medical

    Tackling Disability Ratings With The Experts If you’re a Veteran, you may be familiar with the slow and tedious process of securing VA benefits. The disability claim process can take months or even years to work through, which can prevent you from receiving money you deserve when you need it. How do you expedite the process? ByContinue… Read more