Our Gift To Margo

This Month’s Donation Recipient

“WOWWW!!!! What a great group and great experience!!,” Margo says of her experience with Warrior Battalion and the receiving the donation she so very much needed, ” I was so shocked and really could not believe it was happening the donation was in perfect timing due to everything that’s been going on. This donation from Mrs. Jessica and the warrior battalion means so much to me and it could not have been at a more perfect timing for me to receive this donation. It has been really tough the last couple of months with having to put my mama dog to sleep then only three days later my small dog Jack z Russell) was attacked by a pack of dogs — it was HORRIBLE!! We surely thought he would die also. My daughter was devastated! He is on the mend but the vet bills TEALLY put us in a bind.ALSO, I had already been checking into requesting some type of assistance because my daughter is getting her tonsils out during THANKSGIVING OR CHRISTMAS BREAK, and I will owe the co-pays for her surgery and anesthesia. God bless this organization for stepping up and helping veterans in the community because we all need help at one time or another. It is very warming to see an agency reach out the way they did to get their fellow veterans some help. I also might add that I learned about re-medical that I am working with on a claim increase and REE Medical is awesome!!!!

Thank you Margo for your kind words. We are so thankful that we were able to assist you financially to provide for yourself and your family.

Thank you for your donations to the organization that help us to be able to provide people like Margo in times of need.

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