What’s New With Us

As we move forward in this new year we celebrate our warriors by providing new outlets to support them.

Warrior Battalion’s board has been hard at work researching and collaborating on how we can really make a difference to veterans and their families.

We are excited and enthusiastic about the future of Warrior Battalion as we seek the most impactful ways to help our veterans.

Collectively, we decided to look at each veteran as the person they are. To be able to grow and to heal, we need assistance in many different ways. Knowing this, we revamped our mission.

We started our first few projects by revising our website, creating new giving outlets, and remembering our beloved founder.

This March we are proud to announce Free Counseling Sessions for veterans and their families in our Louisville Office. Find out more here.

Also starting in March, we will be donating $1000.00 to a veteran in need. Check out our Request Assistance page to sign up or donate here.

Please keep in touch with us on Facebook to sign up and follow us for more details! Thank you for supporting our warriors.

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