Loving Your Inner Child

Our Organization’s Administrative Executive’s Son,  Samuel at our Louisville Office.

Do you know how important your inner child is? Do you remember what it was like being a kid?

Our personality is derived from our experiences, our beliefs, our morals, and our values. These experiences that make up the essence of who we are often come with bringing trauma with us. Those of us who have had troubled childhoods often have a harder time with milestones as we age. Oftentimes those with trauma find themselves stuck at a developmental milestone. They almost always find that they suffer from anxiety, weight gain or loss, issues with sleep,  depression, or even high blood pressure.

Nadine Burke Harris on Childhood Trauma

How do we nurture our inner child? When we find ourselves internally kicking and screaming at something, that’s our inner child trying to alert us that something is wrong or needs attention in our life.  An example of this,  you’re driving and a car cuts in front of you almost causing a collision. How do you handle this? Your heart races, your blood pressure rises, and you have to make an instant decision for your safety. But emotionally, you’re probably ticked off. You’re mentally , if not verbally, shouting and banging your fist. That little bit of childlike rage, is just a peek of your inner child.

That child comes out in many other ways. Sometimes we fear things that we were never taught as a child, perhaps fear of abandonment or issues with commitment from an absent parent. Often, we feel like big kids in adult bodies, because do we ever really completely grow up? Our inner child is always there, no matter how old we get.

Embrace that kid. Find out what your inner child needs, and give it. Learn how to give that screaming, crying mess that’s within yourself some grace. Seek to love that stubborn toddler that lives within you. The healing that comes with the acceptance of every part of you is going to help mend who you are today so you can find peace in every aspect of you.

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