Women’s Warriors

Women chose to fight in wars before they were even legally allowed to be enlisted. Harriet Tubman and Mary Walker assisted in war as nurses and in secret. These brave women assisted our military even with possible consequences if they were found out. After pushing for equality, women were allowed to join the fight. In 1948, women were able to start enlisting. Learn more about women warriors and their history at Brookings.Edu.

Today women in military often face separate challenges than men do. To follow and to serve our country women must leave their traditional roles and take on the burden of soldiers. Women often face distinct challenges with military sexual trauma and are more often to develop issues with intimacy. A study completed by NAMI enlightens us on the unique struggles faced by women in the military. To get assistance with mental health needs please visit our page and learn about how we help.

During this month, International Women’s Day reminds us to appreciate the women in our lives. We would like to honor the women warriors who step up and fight for our country. We would like to honor the mothers, the wives, the sisters, all of the women who faced the trauma and loss caused by war and service to our country. These amazing strong ladies who put their needs aside to honor the commitment to our nation, we thank you.

We thank you and want to honor you this month. If you want us to point out an amazing woman in your life, please submit to us your information and a picture of this wonderful woman and we will share it this month.

To provide a donation in her name, please Donate here. All named donations will be mentioned on our Facebook this month.

Thank you for your fights, your efforts, and your resilience! We are here to serve you.

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