Marty’s Leg Day

Marty with our President, JC

JC announced to the board someone needed help. Of course, the board always responds who, how, and let’s do it.

Marty was in the guard for 2 years and served in Desert Shield. He lost his leg in a work related incident. The doctors were able to fit him with a peg leg to help him function.

That leg started to deteriorate, and Marty was having trouble with daily tasks. He was also the primary caretaker for his grandkids while his daughter was deployed. So, having to keep up with two children under the age of 10 required a little more mobility than he was able to offer with the peg leg constantly coming off. It was also extremely uncomfortable.

When Marty told JC his story, JC knew that Warrior Battalion had to help. Despite the organization having lost momentum and financial support during the loss of our founder, Troy Yocum, who passed away due to Covid complications, Warrior Battalion wanted to help.

We were able to provide the funds through money that had been fundraised to help warriors like Marty, to purchase him a brand new prosthetic leg.

Marty was overwhelmed by the gift. This leg helped provide him with the mobility he needed to live. He was able to chase his grandkids around while they waited for their mother to come home from overseas.

Marty says, “I am so appreciative, I can do the things I need to do without my leg falling off. “

Warrior Battalion provides help for veterans and their families. In our mission to empower veterans to live productive lives by increasing access to resources and opportunities that aid to improve the quality of life for them and their families, we are offering people like Marty what they really need to be able to live their lives.

Every month this year we are giving away $1000.00 to veterans in need. Read more about this past months recipients here.

We can’t do this without you! We need financial assistance from people like you, those who desire to help others in need. Our warriors deserve to have their chance at life and you can help give that to them.

Please Donate so we can continue our mission and support others like Marty who just need a little leg up. (Pun intended).

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