Troy’s Impact on Education

How Cortez Mosley’s Life Was Changed By Warrior Battalion

Troy had a way of explaining his mission with such passion and conviction that others couldn’t help but be swayed to join the cause. Troy Yocum, Warrior Battalion’s founder, had an impact on everyone he spoke to, including Cortez Mosley. Cortez, an army veteran, met Troy when he was running the foundation and he was touched by his commitment to our veteran community. Troy partnered with Sullivan University to offer scholarships to our warriors and their families. Prior to his passing Troy made his commitment to education known through these partnerships and his multiple programs to educate about mental health and suicide awareness.

Cortez is our Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship Recipient. He will receive reduced tuition to Sullivan University to a program of his choice. When we spoke to Cortez about how this award impacts him, he had this to say, “I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Late Troy Yocum. I would like to thank him, and Warrior Battalion for their invaluable guidance and support throughout my journey. Their wisdom and expertise have been instrumental in shaping my personal and professional growth. I am truly fortunate to have known such a dedicated and inspiring person. Warrior Battalion, Thank You for your unwavering belief in me and for being a beacon of knowledge and encouragement. This scholarship represents more than just financial assistance to me; it is a beacon
of hope and encouragement for my educational journey. As I pursue my academic goals, your generosity will significantly alleviate the burden of tuition and allow me to focus on my studies and personal growth. I am deeply impressed by Warrior’s Battalion commitment to nurturing the aspirations of Veterans and their families. Your investment in education is not only transforming my life but also inspiring me to work diligently and make the most of this opportunity.”

Thank you for your kind words Cortez. We are so happy to be able to assist you in your journey. Thank you Sullivan University for providing this scholarship to our organization. Thank you Troy, we hope that you are looking down on us and smiling as we carry on your legacy through this organization.

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