Helping The Helpers

Sometimes We All Need A Little Help

Kyle is an army veteran who always seemed to be the one who helped others when they needed it. However, recently he had some health issues due to an injury while on COVID orders and he had to have his knee replaced. While recovering and rehabbing the replacement knee, he tore the meniscus in the opposite knee and had to have that surgically repaired. A couple of weeks after the meniscus surgery he developed a blood clot in that leg and hasn’t been able to work. He has filed with the National Guard for assistance and is working on getting his VA benefits processed, but rent is coming up and finances are a little short. We understand this, at one point in everyone’s life hey have needed help.

We asked Kyle what this award meant to him, he was overwhelmed when he received our email that he was chosen for our monthly donation. He said that “It means more than I can put into words, it means that all the hard work and effort that I put in the military has mattered to somebody . The sacrifices that me and my family has made haven’t gone unnoticed, we helped people and now that I need help someone has reached out a hand and helped us. To know there are people out there to help us that people , that are usually are the helpers. There are people there to help us, too. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help, and when we do sometimes people judge us for asking for help. There are people that don’t judge and know that sometimes we all need help”.

We are glad that you asked for help. Thank you Joshua Stine for referring Kyle to us and getting our warriors the help they need through your position at the National Guard.

Thank you Veteran’s Trust Fund for donating the funds to help people like Kyle every month.

Thank you donors for gifting us the ability to reach out a helping hand. To donate to help more people like Kyle and his family , please Donate Here.

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