Giving is Good For You, too.

Did you know that giving is good for you, too? We know it helps us in many ways as it helps us to continue to provide veterans and their families with valuable resources such as financial donations to help our veterans with unexpected medical bills or living expenses. We also provide free counseling services, host healing events, provide scholarships, and other avenues of assistance for our veterans and their families, read more here.

Giving also helps the giver! Do you ever notice that when you give someone a gift or hand over a few dollars to someone in need, you actually feel a little happier? The reason for this is a release of “feel good chemicals” in your brain that gives you a a little boost in your mood. This is the chemical oxytocin that makes you feel giddy, kind of like when you are in love,(article by Berkely explains this a little more).

Giving also increases your life span! What? So, basically the fountain of youth springs from your own hands. Berkely studies noticed that elderly people who gave more, lived longer.

Warrior Battalion is huge on social interaction, especially for those who have served and could possibly be experiencing mental health issues. Social interaction increases brain activity and helps to increase the feeling of belonging , which is great for our health! Donating activates that social interaction that we need.

Giving can make you more positive. No one likes to be stuck in a negative rut. At Warrior Battalion we encourage activities that increase positivity in the lives of those we serve and those who serve us. A lighter mood can help with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. We positively love that being positive creates a positive environment for us to provide.

Finally, giving can be good for you financially! Donations to Warrior Battalion are tax deductible! So, any time you give to our charity, you will get a receipt which you can use at tax time to save a little money yourself.

Giving is necessary for us, we need your donations to keep the lights on at our office and to be able to provide for those who serve us, our veterans and their families. These amazing warriors will find support with us, we just need to get support from you to provide for them. Please take a few minutes of your time and DONATE TODAY, you will feel better and we will be able to help more.

From all of us at Warrior Battalion, thank you. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with what we are doing for our Warriors.

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