How You Helped Michael

Every month our board labors over entries with not only their mind, but their heart as they try to make the extremely tough decision of who to help with our $1000 monthly donation. Unfortunately, we are not able to give to everyone who applies. This month the story that really touched our hearts was Michaels.

Michael and his boys, ages 11 &10, lost their mother, Michael’s wife, about three years ago. Michael retired from the military on disability around the same time that his wife had passed. Michael stepped in to the role of single parent to his boys and had to realize how to make ends meet and to care for his boys while living with a disability. Michael knew he wanted to be able to be involved as much as he could and has been coaching baseball for his boys. Recently the family moved in to a new home and as it often does, the new home came with some issues. As soon as they moved, the appliances went out. They lost the stove, fridge, and washer\dryer all at the same time. Michael was trying to figure out how to make up for the unexpected expenses when a friend told him to contact us for assistance.

We met with Michael, verified his service and talked with him about his situation. Michael, according to his friend, is never one to ask for help. So, it took a little extra bravery on his part to ask us for assistance. When talking to Michael, he said to us,

“I appreciate Warrior Battalion and how they assist former soldiers, there are a lot of people that need it, and you never know what is going on in someone’s mind”. We agree completely Michael. That is why we strive to help as many as we can and we offer help on so many levels.

Warrior Battalion offers mental health resources, peer mentors through our battle buddies program, financial assistance, help with school, and connection to other resources nationwide. To donate to Warrior Battalion to help others with our donations, please donate here.

To learn how to become a Battle Buddy, find out here.

Business Partners help us to be able to do more for our warriors, to partner with us email us here.

Thank you for your support of Warrior Battalion and our mission, and thank you for helping Michael and his family this month!

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