Cornealius’ Story

I would like to tell you about Cornealius. He is an amazing young man. We received his application for a scholarship through our Sullivan University Scholarship program. So, to best explain why we granted him our scholarship for this year, I am going to let you read what he wrote to our board.

“When it comes to telling my story I’m not always sure if people want the good, bad or the ugly so I try to tell it all in the easiest way possible. Hello my name is Cornealius Townsend but my friends call me “Neal”. I’m 19 and I have applied for this scholarship in order to further my passion of culinary and business. My whole life I can remember the strong women around me being in and out of the kitchen making food not only for themselves, but for the community and I want to pursue that journey as well. I would like to get my degree in culinary and further that with a business aspect in order to run a kitchen or own a food truck some day, as regards to the veteran I know it would be my father. He was stationed all over the world for as long as I could remember. As a kid I could never understand why my dad wasn’t around the way most dads were until finally understanding my dad was fighting the battles we couldn’t see. I want to be able to give back to my community and help out the less fortunate people and give them the same opportunity that I was blessed to get. Even though I grew up without my father around I was so blessed to have a person in my life like my mother to help me accomplish different goals as the years go by. My biggest accomplishment so far is becoming a Cook 2 at the Omni Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky within my first year out of Highschool.”, Cornealius’ words from his application.

His father, “was raised in South Carolina and enlisted as a Pvt 1. Private, Army, and has completed over 21 years of service during that time he was able to travel to 17 different countries, learn 4 different languages, and also attend to 4 different universities. He retired as a sergeant First Class and his job was Military intelligence, before MI he was on a recon team but then got  injured and decide to switch career paths”. His dad is retired and lives in Arizona, where he was last stationed.

Thank you for your service, SGT. Townsend. We honor your years of dedication and commitment to our country.

We also presented Cornealius with some time to speak about what the scholarship means to him and this is what he says.(see video below)

We are presenting the scholarship award to Cornealius May 23rd at 3pm est. His family will be in attendance. If you would like to attend, we have a few seats available. Please send us an email here, prior to May 18th, 2023.

We look forward to your amazing future Cornealius, We know you are going to do great things in this world, while giving us all the pure bliss of good food!

To anyone wanting to enter to win our Bachelor’s Scholarship, the deadline is August 1st, 2023, please apply here.

To help us to do more great things for more great people, donate here.

Thank you to all of those who have donated and to all of the businesses that have partnered with us to be able to make things like this happen. Thank you to Sullivan University for granting us this amazing scholarship to gift away.

Thank you veterans for your service, with out you, none of this would be possible!

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