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Oxmoor Manor in Louisville, Kentucky

In Louisville, Ky, amongst the malls, suburbia, and bustling east end traffic is a beautiful home laying on acres of bountiful farm land. This manor owned by the Bullitt Family, yes the family that Bullitt County, Kentucky is named after, was established in 1787. The home is fully furnished with items aging back to the late 1700s. The halls are decorated with portraits of this established family and their guests. The tour guide gives amazing detail to the house and the history of not only the area, but of the United States itself. From Abraham Lincoln’s grandfather to Winston Churchill, great people of our nation have visited this home.Home and land of 6 generations of Kentuckians, starting with Revolutionary War hero William Christian, and his wife, Annie Henry, sister of Patrick Henry”, Oxmoor Farms. Learn about early Native American and The Enslaved Person’s history, as well as listen for the tools of University of Louisville’s Archealogical Students as they dig up our nation’s history under the grounds. Beautiful Flowers scatter amongst tombstones of long lost pets, including race winning horses.

Our Nation would not be what it is without our brave soldiers. This historically remains true. Our veterans are honored by the stories, decor, and the home itself. Learn about the battles that led to ownership of our area and find out how Kentucky itself faired in battles during our commencement. The founders fought on which side? The tour gives great details including stories and letters from the persons that lived it. Don’t forget to breath when you enter the second largest library in the United States. How many books do you think it holds?

Warriors, we have some great news! We have been honored by Oxmoor Farms to be able to give a discounted rate tour! June 29th, 2023 please join us for a tour of Oxmoor Farms. Entry fee which goes to the preservation of this beautiful piece of our history, is only $5 for those who sign up on our site. Please sign up for the tour using the form below. Payment will be due at the tour location prior to start of the tour. They accept cash and card. Donations are not required, but they are needed, so that we can continue to hold events like this for our warriors and their families. T-shirts are also available, if you would like to wear one during the tour. Questions? Please send us an email here.

Oxmoor Farm will host an event this weekend as well, Saturday May 20th. The Athena Brass Band will be playing on the gounds. Learn More at oxmoorfarm.org.

Thank you Oxmoor Farm for having us and we look forward to seeing you soon during our tour!

To Donate to Warrior Battalion to Continue Great Events Like This, please DONATE HERE.

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