Veterans Launch New Non-Profit to fight Veteran Suicide

Veterans Launch New Non-Profit to fight Veteran Suicide

LOUISVILLE, KY (April 6th, 2021) – A group of veterans including members from each military branch are forming a new non profit called Warrior Battalion that will have a large National impact on military families. 

Warrior Battalion will focus on proving healing events, peer mentor training and retreat homes in every state to combat the veteran suicide numbers that have seen a 20% growth since COVID-19 has spread across the world. More than 20 veterans a day commit suicide due to post traumatic stress and other triggering points. This new organization will help to reduce these high numbers. 

The President of Warrior Battalion, Troy Yocum, is proving decades of experience in the charity world to help build the organization and continue a mission to end veteran suicide. Yocum has received the Citizen Honors Medal and many other accommodations for his work with military families.

“We are excited to announce this new organization”, said Yocum. “We are going to be organizing our first fitness and camping events for military families in 2021 and expand our programs across the nation as the non-profit grows. As our main goal, we will be partnering with many locations to provide future retreat homes for military families to experience healing vacations.” 

Veterans across the Commonwealth have already joined the Warrior Battalion team.  Rhett Perdue, a retired Senior Non-Commissioned Officer with over 28 years of Service in the Air National Guard and John Fitch, a Retired Marine have joined the efforts to help launch this initiative.  Together, they’ll work with Yocum to establish programs to help veterans across the Nation to tackle the suicide issues plaguing our veteran population.

The group hopes to continue a legacy set fourth by Justin Fitch, a US Army veteran and brother of John Fitch, who inspired a nation of supporters to learn about veteran suicide and help reduce the high numbers before his untimely death in 2015 from cancer. Warrior Battalion will keep fighting to the mission is completed.

About Warrior Battalion:

The Mission of Warrior Battalion is to fight the battle against post traumatic stress and support U.S. military service members and their families through healing programs to end veteran suicide.

Warrior Battalion’s vision is to end veteran suicide.

For additional information, please contact Warrior Battalion at , or call 502-504-3330

visit the new organization online at

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