Warrior Battalion hosts first event

Wichita, KS

On April 10th, 2021, volunteer Team Wichita hosted their first ever Warrior Battalion Ruck March to support ending veteran suicide.

The event was a combination ruck march and walking event for over 120 veterans, service members, cadets, military families and civilian supporters at the Alvin E. Morris Administrative Center (AMAC).

The event kicked off with Motorcyclists leading a huge group of hikers who braved 30 degree weather with high winds. Throughout the day, vendors and volunteers including recruiters had fitness challenges like pushups, pull-ups and boot camp style workouts in addition to the ruck march. The participants kept the hiking going from 9am – 5pm eastern.

“This event was a huge success with so many smiling faces,” said President of Warrior Battalion, Troy Yocum. “Warrior Battalion is proud to work with all these volunteers who really care about ending veteran suicide. We had many groups across the state come together to push each other to the finish line!”

The WARRIOR BATTALION Charity is preparing to send Veterans to retreat homes and host healing events around the country to stave off crisis. Many veterans are suffering from PTSD right now and it is believed that time spent with others who know their struggle and have similar experience can reduce the number of veteran suicides.

Warrior Battalion looks forward to the next event in Kansas coming in the fall of 2021.

To host a Ruck Marches or other events, volunteers can register to become Team Leaders and receive training. Click here to check out the different styles of events: http://warriorbattalion.org/?page_id=21


  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in raising money for your organization this Veterans Day, but I don’t think I can put together a hike. What other ideas do you have! Thank you,
    God bless❤️

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